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Okay no. Fucking no. You think your sandwich is cute with peanut butter and jelly hearts, fucker? Well you’ll change your mind once you put it together and try to eat it. First you’ll get a mouthful of just bread and disappointment, then when you take another bite your mouth will be assaulted by copious the amounts of sticky peanut butter and sugary jelly and there won’t be enough bread to save you from it. A sandwich like that is what failure tastes like. The pb and j may be shaped like hearts but there’s no love in that sandwich. It’s about balance. Life needs balance, and so does your fucking sandwich. You disgust me. Don’t talk to me until you know how to make a proper sandwich.

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i like this boy and i havent seen him since december. he abruptly quit/got firedfrom my work so i never even got to say bye and my only contact to him is his stepbrother who goes to my school whom is nice but barely sees him let alone talks to him on a regular basis. and it’s awful because i cantget over him. and hes smart. about being lazy. he loves space. he thinks aliens may be real. he smokes. he loves air drumming. he has shaggy brown hair and grey ish eyes. hes great with people. he likesthe color green. he loves watching movies. he likes rap. he sneaks out of his house at night sometimes. he doesnt get along with his mom. he isnt close with his stepbrother, in fact theyre polar opposites. he likes going to concerts and skateboarding and snowboarding. he plays a lot of video games. he doesnt function well when his sleep schedule is messed up. he cleans up after me before i even notice after i spill things out of nervousness. and i miss him. and if he ever saw this i’d just about faint.

on one hand i really want to go away to college because i have very little independence and my parents pretty much make all of my decisions. they say theyre only suggestionsbut if i dont do it, they get mad. and my parents are always fighting and then my mom has a lot goig on so she gets stressed and gets mad at me for small stuff because shes stressed and thats how it happens. and then she says mean stuff to me and then im miserable. and her parents have a lot of health issues and my dads family is horrible. so i just wanna get away from everything andhave my own life. but i dont knowif i can because honestly i cant even make decisions now. i cant even decide what my favorite color is. so i dont want them deciding my lifefor me but i cant do it myself because ive never really done it before. and my mom is so paranoid about everything like its rubbing off on me. and its good that im street smart but its ridiculous how nervous i get, its irrational sometimes. oi.

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